Q: What kind of files can Chromira print?
A: Chromira will print RGB TIFF, JPEG and BMP files. The TIFF files may be either PC or MAC type. Other file types (such as Postscript) must first be converted to TIFF in order to be printed on Chromira. Postscript files are converted to TIFF files with a Raster Image Processor (RIP).

Q: What does it mean that Chromira's resolution is specified as 425 Pixels per Inch of visual resolution?
A: Chromira uses ZBE's patented Resolution Enhancement Technology, a special optical system, which sharpens each pixel and then prints them at a higher resolution. This generates 425 Pixels per Inch printed on the page with the corresponding image quality.

Q: How does Chromira's resolution compare with the resolution of an inkjet printer?
A: Images printed on Chromira are far superior in image quality to images from an ink jet printer. The resolution of Chromira is specified in continuous tone Pixels Per Inch. Inkjet printers specify resolution in Dots (of ink) Per Inch. It is generally considered that it takes 5-6 times the resolution in dots per inch to match continuous tone resolution. Thus it would take an ink jet printer of at least 1500 Dots per Inch of resolution to equal the quality of Chromira's prints at 300 Pixels per Inch.